The Northwest is a beautiful part of the country. If you are looking to build your dream home here, the Seattle area is a great place to settle down! Let’s talk about the best neighborhoods in Kirkland, WA, and why you might want to move to this suburb of Seattle. The best neighborhoods in Seattle for families are those with low crime rates, great school districts, and easy access to coffee shops, grocery stores, and other shopping. Many families are also looking for short commute times and close-knit community events.

Kirkland is a good city for raising a family. With great schools from elementary school through high school, Kirkland schools provide education for all ages. Kirkland schools that rank highest are International Community School, Northstar Middle school, and Environmental and Adventure School. The parks in Kirkland range from wooded to urban to seaside. The city of Kirkland is considered quite neighborly, with 63% owner-occupation of homes. 

The Kirkland crime rate is fairly average for a US city and is considered the safest in the center of the city. As with any town, know which parts are safest and which parts to avoid.

Neighborhoods in Kirkland WA

The best neighborhoods in Kirkland, WA have great amenities, educational opportunities, and valuable real estate. These are good neighborhoods for families, with low crime rates and multiple public schools.

  • Norkirk
  • Highlands
  • South Rose Hill
  • Bridal Trails
  • North Rose Hill
  • Juanita
  • Everest 
  • Houghton
  • Totem Lake

Atera Homes is a custom home builder in Kirkland that can create a dream home for you and your family! 

kirkland neighborhood view

Is Kirkland Housing Expensive? 

Homes in Kirkland sell for an average of $1,100,000. The market here is competitive, and home prices reflect that. Living in Kirkland is very sought-after. 

Some of Kirkland’s new homes are stunning, luxury custom homes built by Atera. We specialize in making dreams come true for the families who live here!

Things to Do in Kirkland

There is plenty for families to do in Kirkland, whether you are adventurous and outdoorsy or prefer indoor activities. 

Kirkland’s shopping options range from boutiques like Absolutely Fabulous to large chain stores like Barnes and Noble. Kirkland also offers an array of specialty shops like restaurants, pet care outlets, and activewear stores.

Outdoor Activities Kirkland WA

Kirkland waterfront is on Lake Washington, a perfect place for recreation. Marina Park has a dock and public boat launch.

Kirkland dog parks that are well-rated include Magnuson Park, Dogwood Play Park, and Horizon View Park.

Free Things to Do in Kirkland

If you are planning to build your modern custom home in Kirkland, one of the most fun (and free) things to do is explore the houses and plan your own! You can drive around town and look at the spec homes for inspiration. (If you are wondering about the difference between a spec home vs. custom home, we can help you out!)

Other free things to do here include exploring the parks, hiking, swimming, trail running, and visiting the library.

What is Kirkland WA Famous For?

Kirkland, WA is known for its beautiful lake and great hotels. But you may not know that the Costco brand “Kirkland Signature” is named for this city! 

Homes with Atera

At Atera Homes, we specialize in creating beautiful homes in the Seattle area. We work with our clients to come up with a design that they will love. We keep everything in-house, enabling us to communicate effectively with the clients and bypass much of the confusion that comes with home builds. 

We build all over Seattle. Whether you are looking for the best neighborhoods in Kirkland, WA, or the best neighborhoods in Bellevue, or Renton WA, maybe even in Redmond. Atera is here to help you find the perfect place to build your dream home! We can work with you to find your land, design your home, and make your dreams come true! Are you ready to experience life in Kirkland?