Modern Custom Home Plans

Seattle, WA is a beautiful place to call home. With plenty of large, green, shady trees and a pleasant coastal atmosphere, it’s no wonder so many people have chosen the Emerald City as the perfect place to build a modern custom home. Atera Homes features some of the most modern home plans available in the northwest.

At Atera Homes, we specialize in making your dream home a reality! We help our customers design a house plan that they will be proud to call home.

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
SQ Feet: 2,513
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Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
SQ Feet: 4,126
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Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3.75
SQ Feet: 3,422
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Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5
SQ Feet: 5,373
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Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
SQ Feet: 4,174
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Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2.75
SQ Feet: 3,545
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Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3.25
SQ Feet: 3,860
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Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3
SQ Feet: 3,269
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What is a Modern Custom Home?

A modern home can be large or small, simple or elegant. Usually sporting clean lines and open floor plans, contemporary house plans boast a unique architectural style. This modern architecture is the perfect way to create a custom dream home that you will love.

Exterior Features of a Modern Custom Home

No matter what your custom dream house plans end up looking like, there are some features of a modern custom home that remain fairly consistent. 

  • Colors: Most modern, high-end residential house plans will use neutral colors to draw the eye to the clean architectural style. A variety of simple textures and lines add to the appeal of these modern house plans.
  • Glass: Many modern custom home plans feature a number of large windows. This beautiful element adds to the simplicity and light of modern house design.
  • Clean Geometry: Simple, clean lines and basic shapes work together to awe the viewer and make a modern home appear simple, yet elegant.

We understand that each customer is an individual with unique needs. So, we are here to design a modern home that fits your exact preferences! You might choose more color, fewer windows, or different textures. Our design team will dream with you to create something you will love!

Interior Features of a Modern Custom Home

The interior of a modern custom home can be anything you want it to be! Because it is custom, you are able to implement your own ideas and dreams. 

Modern Floor Plans for Custom Homes

Most modern home designs have a few common features:Modern Custom Home Plan

  • Open floor plans: An open floor plan makes a home feel more spacious and welcoming. It also gives you the opportunity to host a large number of guests and keep everyone feeling included.
  • Great views: The large windows that are common in modern custom homes create a feeling of the indoors flowing into the outdoors. This adds to the spacious and natural feeling of the home. 
  • Minimal Decor: Another common feature of a modern home is the lightness of the decor. This helps the home feel open and uncluttered while allowing the architecture to steal the show.

The size and price of a modern custom home will depend on what your floor plan and desired features are. 

At Atera Homes, we specialize in helping you create your dream family home, retirement home, or vacation home. You have the option to browse and modify our existing modern house plans or start from scratch completely. 

Modern Style Home Plans

Atera Homes brings a unique approach to luxury home building. We combine the entire process of creating a home into one seamless method. This enables us to keep excellent communication between the buyer, designer, and builder. We know that creating your dream home can be a challenging experience, and we work hard so you don’t have to! Check out the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families

Our modern custom home plans can be used as-is, or they can be customized extensively to make the home truly yours. 

Plans for Modern Homes

We offer a variety of move-in ready homes for those who prefer the simplicity of choosing a completed, modern home in the Seattle area. All of these high-end, residential house plans have been designed and built by Atera Homes. Browse these modern houses to get a glimpse of what we can create!

For those who have a specific dream home in mind, our custom home planning is the way to go. We will dream with you, plan with you, give you feedback, and walk alongside you as we work through the planning and designing process. Then, we will build the modern custom home that you have always dreamed of!

The Atera Process

At Atera Homes, we want to make your dreams come true. Between our creative, expert design team and our design studio, we have everything we need to help you create your modern custom home plans!

We can do it all, from helping you acquire the land, to designing the home, to building and finishing the home. We work hard to meet your needs and make sure you are getting the exact modern home plans that you want!

Our Design Team

Our designers are a team of passionate, qualified, expert individuals. They love creating beautiful home plans as much as you will love living in a home they have created! Their expertise and creative abilities take your dream to the next level. We are ready to get started! Are you?

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