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The home buying process can seem overwhelming; however, it doesn’t have to be because we, Atera homes, are here to offer you a simplified solution. Are you looking to purchase a new home in Maple Valley WA? Or do you want to construct custom luxury homes tailored to fit your lifestyle?

Don’t stress; read on to find out some of the reasons why Maple valley WA is the best place to own a home and how you could go about becoming a new satisfied homeowner.

About Maple Valley WA

Maple Valley, a city within King’s county, Washington, has a population of 26,352. It functions as a commuter town; however, there has been increased commercial activity in the area. The city offers a sparse suburban feel and is considered to be one of the best residential areas.

The quiet city is considered one of the best places to raise a family and is best known for its excellent schools and great neighborhoods. Let’s take an in-depth look at why most people consider Maple Valley to be a great residential place.

Great Environment For Raising Families

The relatively small population in Maple Valley makes it an excellent place for creating lifelong friendships and connections. You’ll not feel like just another face in the crowd since you are more likely to run into other residents that you know more than once when going into the stores more than once.

The city has lots of cultural diversity with people from various communities living together harmoniously. Residents in the area are politically moderate, making it an excellent place for people from all political spectrums to peacefully live.

High-Rated Schools

According to a popular website, the Tahoma senior high school, Glacier park elementary school, Rock creek elementary school, and eleven other learning institutions have received 4.5 and above star ratings.

Tahoma high school has a state-of-the-art facility, including a sports complex, a media production room, and a future-ready center. It was ranked one of the best schools in all of Washington state, making this and other schools in the area great learning institutions for kids.

Schools in Maple Valley WA, have been known to positively contribute to their student’s health, growth, learning, and engagement. Teachers in the institutions have also been known to ensure all students being tutored grow positively, both physically and emotionally.

Things To Do In Maple Valley WA

The city does not lack when it comes to fun family activities. Whether it’s fireworks, bike challenges, or outdoor movies, you are sure to find some fun activities to entertain your family. Schools have a huge section of sports that children can choose from, an adult recreational facility with a wide range of sports activities. The city has many shops for your shopping needs, great parks like the Lake wilderness park, and a great dining and nightlife experience.

sky view of lake wilderness park in maple valley wa

The city also has a low violent crime rate of 0.55, according to the FBI reports.

How Do You Go About Looking For New Homes In Maple Valley WA?

If you are looking for new homes in Maple Valley WA, there are two ways you could go about it. You could browse through our page to find new luxury homes that appeal to your style, or you could get in touch with us and get a customized plan uniquely designed to suit your style.

Homes For Sale Maple Valley WA

Atera Homes has lots of modern homes for sale in Washington State. The homes are designed with strong horizontal features, large open floor plans, large glass windows, and intentional asymmetry. 

They have been designed for modern families removing unnecessary frills and details to make them functional and inclusive to the whole family.

Please browse through our catalog and find new homes in Maple Valley WA, with modern, stylistic homes that are warm and inviting to the eye. However, if you want to construct a unique, customized home, worry not. Let Atera Homes bring your dream home to life.

How do we do it? Read on to find out.

New Construction Homes Maple Valley WA

Our uncanny attention to detail shines through our projects with years of experience building custom luxury and commercial buildings. If you want to construct a custom luxury residence in Maple Valley, WA, you’re in luck because with Atera; you get the whole package.

Atera Homes will help you with planning, design, and construction. We can help you transform your dream from an idea to the perfect dream home. You could gain many benefits by working with us, such as experience, reliability, and trust.

As can be seen in our portfolio, our years of experience have made us an authority in the industry. We are equipped, able to handle, and happy to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Let us know how you’d want to construct your dream home, and we’ll help you find land in the best locations, provide you with the best financing strategies, help you get the proper permits, and ensure that construction runs smoothly.

Why Choose Atera Homes?

We are the best choice because we pull out all the stops to ensure that your vision is reflected in our design and that our build experts stop at nothing to ensure that your luxury home is built on time and as expected. 

We bring a new approach to the custom home building experience where the home buyer, the designer, and the builder all participate in producing something special that you are sure to love.

If you want to build or purchase new homes in Maple Valley WA, then you are in luck. Our custom luxury homes are unique, intriguing, and truly beautiful.

If you want to construct your very own custom home in Maple Valley, WA, then find out how we can help you make this dream a reality. What unique features would you want in your custom luxury home? 

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