To build a custom home, you have a few things to consider finding land, designing, and matching the architectural plan to your vision, and budget. Here at Atera Homes, we take the guesswork out of the entire process down to every little detail. As one of the best luxury custom home builders in Washington, we make your dream home come to life with our seamless, turn-key custom home-building process. Keep reading to learn how to build a custom home and how it is unique from a spec home

Steps To Building a Custom Home

We refer to our custom home building process as an experience because we aim to make the preparation and execution of your plan as enjoyable as it will be when you walk into the door of your luxury home. 

Our small team of experts are excellent communicators who will listen to every need, concern, and wish that you have. Building a home for your family is no small feat, and we want to ensure that every detail is to your liking. Here is what your process with us will look like. 


You can come to us with every detail for your custom home or you can collaborate with our experienced and creative design team, taking the burdens of each step off of your shoulders so that you can focus on visualizing your perfect abode. 

At the initial consultation, we learn about what you’re looking for in your luxury home and intently respond to any inquiries or concerns you may have. Our team will walk you through our building process and the services that we cover. We provide sources and services for budgeting, obtaining permits, finding lots, planning, and construction. In no part of this process will you be left alone. 

We also encourage bringing in a realtor to sit with you and our team to provide guidance and knowledge during planning and transactions. If you’re without a realtor, our custom home consultant Deanna Barley is a top-rated realtor who’s worked with our clients and has an eye for interior design. She can help sell your previous home or land and work with us and your financer on receiving the best price possible for your project. 

Finding Land 

One of the most challenging aspects of building homes is finding the perfect lot. You consider size, surrounding area, and any additional features such as a pool or an in-law unit when we help you pick one from our selection. Check out the best neighborhoods in Bellevue to build your dream home. 


Land planning must consider important features that will define your custom home. This stage is the chance to draw out how we will build your house around your family’s dreams and lifestyles. Here are some features to think about when planning. 

  • Game or playroom 
  • Library 
  • Art room 
  • Elevator 
  • Ballroom 
  • Large kitchen 
  • The number of bedrooms
  • The size of each room 
  • Door placements 
  • Hallways 
  • Balconies

There is a multitude of options when it comes to your plan. We have pre-made plans that you are welcome to customize and welcome any existing plans you have. And, of course, we indeed curate land plans from scratch to make your home entirely and distinctively yours.


One of the most exciting features of building a custom home is personalizing the interior and exterior. Our interior designers and in-house design team will collaborate with you extensively to truly understand the style and aura you are looking for in your home. 

Your luxury design is up to you. Here are just a few of the aspects we help you with:

  • Tiles 
  • Carpeting 
  • Ceiling 
  • Colors 
  • Roof
  • Exterior 
  • Windows 

Check out our list of must-haves that you need when building a custom home.

home design and layout of custom home kitchen

3D Architectural Design 

We know it does no good to draw out details like tile type and wall colors simply through a standard design process. That’s why we use a combination of Architectural Design and 3D Visualization Software to bring your design curations to life before finalization. It’s like trying on clothing before buying; we want to make sure that your home matches your vision for it, which we do by adding features to the virtual version of your house. 


Our partners are diligent and passionate professionals who want to make creating your new home a smooth process without stress, just like we want for you. 

We’ve connected our clients to WaFd Bank as an all-in-one lender. With WaFd bank, you will only have to deal with one set of closing fees which keeps a locked interest rate throughout construction and permanent financing. The relationships that you will build with these lending specialists are like no other. They are impeccable with their organization and walk you through every step. 

If you are unsure of your budget before consulting Atera Homes, we highly suggest meeting with one of WaFd bank’s lenders to inquire about prequalifying for a custom construction loan. 

When it comes to obtaining a loan for your custom home, documentation is needed, which Atera Homes provides. These include digitized plans, itemized costs, and more. 

Before closing the loan, WaFd bank will assist you in securing a building permit and other items from your contractor. 


Seeing your house built from scratch makes your home even more personal to you. From start to finish, the building will be overseen by our expert team, with you as involved as you wish to be. The articulate plans that we’ve built together will have no detail missed, making it possible to have your home ready in 10-14 months. 

sky view of custom home

Where Can We Build a Custom Home With Atera? 

Here are many of the area’s we service:

However, our services don’t just stop there. We offer a planning and designing service that will include everything you want with your custom home and help you send in the carefully curated plans and details to your financer so that your approval chances are the highest they can be. No matter where you are, our architects and designers are at your service. 

Additionally, we have gorgeous homes in the greater Seattle area that are ready to be sold. Find your home now!

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home? 

No matter your house plan, we provide an accurate estimate for a price before starting to build. We give you time to work with your realtor and lender on your budget. Although there is not a single price per square foot that would account for all custom homes, our desigers will work with you to get the best estimated cost. 

How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home? 

Because we’re a full-service, all-in-one custom home builder, we cut the time you would have spent searching for construction contractors, designers, and other experts needed to execute your house plan. Since planning, designing, and financing will take less time, we reach the building stage sooner. We have ready every material needed for your home before a single shovel touches your lot. In around 10-14 months from the start of the building phase, you will be astonished at how flawlessly your dream home has come to life. 

Live the Atera Life 

To live the Atera life is to live in your perfect sanctuary with great contentedness. Whatever ideas you have, whenever you’d like to start, Atera Homes is your ultimate choice for an all-in-one custom home builder in Washington. Contact us today to look at our new homes, talk to our design team about your plan, or for a consultation for building your custom home. 

Are you ready to start building your custom home?