When you are building a custom home, you are creating a house that will be uniquely tailored to you and your family. Your list of must-haves when building a custom home should include features that will bring convenience and luxury to your daily life. 

We have put together the must-haves that clients have asked for when building a custom home. Our design and planning teams use their creativity to add these desirable features to create one-of-a-kind homes. 

Must-Have Custom Home Features

Smart Home Automation Ideas

Custom smart home systems give you the power to run your household at the touch of a finger. This advanced technology brings safety and accessibility to the whole family. Smartphones and other devices make smart home systems possible and effortless to use. 

Large homes with many rooms benefit well from smart home features. It can be easy to forget about turning off lights and utilities when moving from room to room. When you install a smart home system, you can turn things on and off from any part of the house. 

What else can a smart home system do?

  • Access security camera footage in real-time
  •  Turn the coffee maker on 
  •  Control lights, including dimming and changing colors
  •  Play music from built-in speakers
  •  Turn on the TV 
  •  Control the thermostat
  •  Regulate electrical appliances 
  •  Alert the arrival of vehicles
  •  Automate window functions
  •  Lock, open, and close doors (including garage)
  •  Fridge inventory camera 

You can connect your smartphone to electronic utilities and appliances for worry-free living. 

Energy-Efficient Features 

One of the most coveted comforts in dream homes is hydronic heating. This is an alternative to relying on dry and stuffy heating ducts. 

Hydronic heating emits warmth from floors. Heated floors distribute heat throughout the home and keep it warm. Additionally, this kind of heating uses less energy than traditional heating systems. You save money and reduce environmental impact by using heated floors. 

Solar panels are another great way to shrink your electricity bill. They will keep your home powered when your neighborhood experiences blackouts. You will also increase your home value by installing solar panels. 

Recreational Rooms

In-home theaters bring the big screen to you without traveling anywhere. This custom home “Bellevue Somerset” built by us includes a theater in its recreational room. They’re great for large families and for those who love hosting guests. 

bellevue somerset custom home

Are you looking to build a custom home in Bellevue WA?

Here are some other ideas for a recreational room in your custom home.

  • Indoor gym 
  • Game room 
  • Music room 
  • Art room 
  • Mancave
  • Indoor spa 

Kid and Pet-Friendly Features

Your beautiful home deserves to stay clean. That can be pretty difficult when you have kids and pets tracking in dirt. You can create a mudroom for everybody to clean themselves up before entering the house. 

With Washington rain, mudrooms are essential. You can come home wet and soaked without worrying about the mess you’ll have to clean after. 

Homes often place mudrooms that can be easily accessed from the front, side, or back yards. They can include benches for changing out of shoes and hampers to catch dirty items. It can also double as a laundry room. Designating a room for messes will keep the rest of your house tidy. 

Kitchen Essentials 

Take the idea of a custom kitchen further and think of curating an outdoor kitchen as well. An indoor kitchen works great for everyday meals. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for events with room for a barbeque and a pizza oven. 

Outdoor kitchens have their own mini-fridges, pantries, and bar. One of the best ways for taking advantage of warm weather is by creating a meal outside. Poolside kitchens are sure to be a hit as well. 

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces for organized storage and good lighting. Built-in shelves allow for otherwise bare wall space to hold pantry essentials. Couple that with cabinet lights for a chic and practical kitchen. 

Outdoor Living Space

Partner your outdoor kitchen with a living space outside of your house. Outdoor couches and furniture can be set up around a projector theater. Or, you can set up an outdoor game area for your family and guests to use to relax. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning an outdoor living space. 

  • Outdoor dining table 
  •  Hammocks 
  •  Outdoor fireplace 
  •  Garden sanctuary 
  •  Playground

Bed and Bath

The master bedroom and bathroom are sometimes the focal points of the home. Its function calls for style and design that isn’t replicated in other rooms. 

Walk-in closets are a must for the main bedroom. Set up mirrors complete with ring lights and even vanities to use your closet as a dressing room. Built-in shelves can create space for walking around and even add a little furniture. 

Many modern walk-in closets also use glass doors to protect the integrity of clothing. 

Luxury bathrooms separate the shower and bathtub, a function that works well for two people. Place a TV and built-in speakers in the room to enhance your soak in the bath. 

Fireplaces in bathrooms are not uncommon, either. This keeps the room warm and sets a cozy ambiance. 

Steps to Building a Custom Home

Planning for your must-haves is just one aspect of building a custom home. But, it is an important step that you and your family should spend thoughtful time on. We will walk you through step by step from the floor plans to the interior design of your custom dream home. 

The addition of another room, such as a recreational room, alters the floor plan. Implementing smart home systems calls for choosing specific spots for electronic access. There should be a similar consideration when it also comes to built-in features. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home? 

Atera Homes is a full-service custom home builder. Our experience and teams give us the ability to build dream homes faster than most builders. 

After planning and preparing to build, you can expect a 4-8 month turnaround. Your dream home is closer to you than you think. Which must-haves will your custom home include?