Custom luxury homes are all about comfort, your taste, and, well, luxury. There’s no better way to achieve all three goals than by fitting your home with smart home automation devices. Home automation will make your home more accessible and your life easier. Here are some smart home automation ideas provided by our company Atera Homes to help you move one step closer to your custom luxury home. But first, what is a smart home?

What Can Smart Homes Do?

Smart homes are houses that have been fitted with some of the latest technological devices. These devices help make their occupants’ lives easier and more fun. Often, such devices are connected through a Wi-Fi network for easier access and operation. 

Great home automation is handy since it provides you with a set of devices that serve as your assistants. You get the option to automate your devices and create a routine that they can follow. Even if you have limited experience with home automation, automation can take care of many actions with very little initial input. Some examples are drawing the curtains and brewing coffee when it’s time for you to wake up. These are features that a custom build home could have that a spec home would not. 

While this technology is excellent, people planning to build custom homes are in an even better position. Custom luxury home builders get to choose:

  • Which smart home automation devices they want
  • Where to install them
  • How they can be connected to provide the best experience

Keep reading to discover some fantastic top home automation ideas you could incorporate into your custom smart home.

Best Smart Home Automation Ideas

Smart Lights

Smart lights are one of the best home lighting automation ideas since they are convenient and environmentally friendly. You could purchase smart LED lights for your custom luxury home since they use little energy and have low upkeep costs.

One great reason to buy smart lights is that their light intensity, lighting pattern, and “on or off time” can be automated or regulated using a smartphone. You could use this technology (coupled with video surveillance) to fool intruders that you are at home even while you are out on a trip.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems are, by far, some of the most common types of smart home devices that have been adopted by lots of families countrywide. There is a wide range of smart home security devices to add to your custom luxury home.

Some smart home automation ideas you could add include motion sensor cameras for your doors and windows connecting to an app on your phone. You could also install smart locks and cameras on your door handle that can record, store, and stream a live feed of the visitor to your phone.

Use this information to wirelessly observe individuals on your doorstep or gate, communicate with them, or report them if you observe any suspicious activity. You could also use an app on your phone to wirelessly lock or unlock the door if you wish to let them in.

Smart Water Sensor

Constructing a beautiful custom home is great; however, having to pay lots of money for avoidable repairs seems like a waste of money, especially if you could prevent it with a simple, smart device.

You could prevent water leaks and consequent damages using a smart water sensor. The device can be connected to your phone and installed near faucets and potential locations where water is more likely to leak. The device then sends a notification to your phone whenever it detects a leak.

Smart Thermostat

If you have big custom luxury homes, then using regular thermostats won’t be quite beneficial. Traditional thermostats work by regulating your home’s room temperatures regardless of whether you’re using them. Smart thermostats are much more efficient.

Your smart thermostat optimizes your home’s heating and cooling system based on your schedule. For instance, you could schedule (or remotely trigger) your smart thermostat to begin heating your home 30 minutes before you arrive. Doing this is more convenient and saves you lots of energy.

Smart Plugs

If you already have some regular devices that you don’t want to part with, then you could use smart plugs to integrate them and connect them to the internet for easier access.

For instance, you could connect your coffee maker, regular lamp, Christmas tree, and any other electronics to your home’s Internet connection for easy remote access. This allows you to control devices with voice commands, your smartphone, or even predefined schedules. This is not only convenient, but it also helps you save on power consumption.

Smart Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums haven’t gotten entirely independent and efficient; however, they are on their way. While vacuums are innovative (smart or not), they are pretty loud, and you won’t feel comfortable being in the same room with one.

However, a simple solution is to purchase smart robot vacuums that can be programmed with a schedule. You could program your robot vacuums to clean specific areas of your home while you are away from home.

Smart Blinds

You could install smart blinds in your home to regulate the amount of light you can let in without needing to move from where you are seated. They come in two variations, including an entire set of smart blinds or motors that you could attach to your current blinds.

Whichever options you choose, you’ll get the option of taking advantage of the natural light for cooling and heating your home. You could schedule the smart blinds when you want the most light, set them to wake you in the morning by letting in natural light, or close them when watching a movie.

Smart Speakers

theater room custom homes

If you enjoy high-quality music and videos, smart speakers are one of the best smart home automation ideas for your custom home. Smart speakers can be installed in the entertainment room where you’ll be watching a movie, keeping up with current news, or listening to some music

You’ll want a smart speaker that provides wireless playback and control. It would also be good to choose one that you can control through voice commands and an application. Don’t forget to go for one with high-quality sound

Ready to Build your Next Smart Home?

There is no shortage of smart home automation ideas. If you are planning to construct your custom luxury home, we can help you build a custom home and do interior designing. We will show you what smart home automation devices you could add to get the best experience. What would you love to have in your new custom home?