New Homes in Issaquah WA

If you plan on moving to a vibrant town with interesting places to explore, and beautiful restaurants but is also suburban enough to raise a family and have a lovely, safe home, then look no more! We are here to help you find new homes in Issaquah. A modern, thriving town surrounded by parks that are popular amongst hikers, a fascinating history, and a highly appreciated village theatre.

Life in Issaquah

Great Neighborhood

Issaquah Washington has great neighborhoods with residents involved in the community. The town’s residents are also quite diverse, friendly, and welcoming, making it a fantastic place for young families and professionals.

You could enjoy lots of fun activities on the weekend, such as skiing, biking, and paragliding in the Tiger Mountain Hang Gliding and Paragliding Landing Field. The town also has lots of parks like the central park and Lake Sammamish State Park that could be great for family picnics.

High-Rated Schools

Issaquah has excellent schools such as Issaquah high school and Skyline high school, to mention a few. The schools have been highly rated for their diversity, quality education, excellent teachers, and excellent college preparation. The town also has excellent daycare facilities convenient for young parents.

Arts and Culture

Issaquah is a great place for arts, diverse cultures, and experiences. Its downtown is known for the Village Theatre and galleries with works of art featuring local and regional artists.

The region also has various schools for music, visual art, and theatre. The summer is witness to thousands of people who enjoy Art Walks in the downtown area, Concerts on the Green, Shakespearian performances in the outdoors, and music. The town also features many community festivals all-year-round and monthly programs featuring music, film, and literary arts.


Issaquah is a great place to live. You could choose to buy a new home in Issaquah or build your very own custom home that fits your personal needs. Issaquah’s nice neighborhood, accommodating residents, and good schools make the town a great place to settle and raise your family.

Things To Do in Issaquah, WA

Issaquah has Cougar Mountain Zoo that cares for various endangered species and has helped restore the salmon run on Issaquah Creek. It is also a popular destination for paragliders, foodies, and history buffs. It is excellent for residents who plan to raise their families in a safe town with highly-rated public schools and great natural sites to tour.

The town has a calm atmosphere that offers its residents a mix of urban and suburban feels. It has lots of coffee shops like the BigFoot Java, malls such as the Gilman Village, Caffe Ladro, restaurants like the Enzo’s Bistro and Bar, and parks, which adds to its vibrant yet relaxed nature.

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New Construction Homes in Issaquah, WA

You found Issaquah to be a great place to move and make a home, which is fantastic; however, you have two options to choose from. You’ll either have to buy a home or have one custom built to suit your needs. Choosing between either of these two choices depends on what a home in Issaquah means to you.

For instance, owning a custom-built home is great because you’ll have everything you need. If you have a family or are planning to start one, it would be best to take your time and project into the future to better understand all the essential and luxury amenities your dream home should have.

There a few questions you may need to ask yourself. How big is or will your family be? Will you have unique rooms meant for special functions? How big will your home be? Getting answers to these questions could help you make a more accurate projection of the type of home you want and how you could custom build it to fit your needs.

This will help save a lot of cash since you’ll have designed your house to fit your needs perfectly. Buying a new home in Issaquah is also a great option!

Custom-built homes provide a lot of options and might be the best choice for you. Custom homes also enable you to get a great resell price if at some point you’d want to sell them. While most residents in Issaquah are homeowners, it would be great if you were one too. However, it would be even better to build a home custom-designed for you and your family.

Where can you get the best company that could help you build or find your new home in Issaquah, WA? Try Atera Homes.

New Home Builders in Issaquah: Atera Homes

Atera Homes is a home building company that has lots of experience in this niche. After building lots of luxury homes, our company came up with a new approach that involved the home buyer, the designer, and the builder. The new approach is meant to streamline the entire process and make exceptional luxury homes custom-tailored to your needs.

Why should you choose Atera Homes?

Architectural Design

Atera Homes uses architectural designs that incorporate 3D visualization to create a virtual look and feel. Our designs are complete with the colors and finishes you choose. All through our designing process, we ensure that we collaborate with you, ensuring that your home is in every way as you imagined it.

Land Planning

If you have some land in Issaquah or are looking to buy one, Atera Homes will help provide feasibility, planning, design, permitting, development, budgeting, and implementation. All you have to do is tell us what your dream home should look like. We will help take care of the entire process by coordinating with the relevant bodies to ensure that the project runs smoothly.


Atera Homes’ years of experience designing and building homes means that we have the best people for the job. We are a community of architects, craftsmen, designers, and project managers whose passion is making beautiful spaces.

Our professional team is reliable and ready to design and construct your dream house into a home. Are you ready to design and build your very own custom luxury home? If you are, how can we help?

Available New Homes in Issaquah WA

Custom Home - Sold

Kerker Residence


Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.5
SQ Feet: 3,649
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