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A lively suburb just outside of Seattle, Renton Highlands sits on the lake’s southeast shore. Most Renton Highlands residents own their homes and enjoy living in a rural-like environment. People who live here tend to be laid-back and moderate in their political views. If you are looking for a new home in Renton Highlands then you are in the right place!

This is a community with a lot of coffee shops and parks. It also has some of the highest-rated public schools in the state.

About Renton Highlands

Commute and Transportation

When you buy a new home in Renton Highlands, you will have multiple public transportation choices accessible. Regardless of whether you need to get from Renton to Seattle or the SeaTac air terminal, you’ll have the option to utilize Renton’s streamlined transit system.

Renton Highlands Green Spaces and Fresh Air

If you plan to live in Renton Highlands with children or pets, you will discover many impressive spots for strolling and picnicking. Visit Heritage Park, Riverview Park, or Cedar River Trail Park to experience the suburb’s bountiful green spaces.

It’s no big surprise you are prepared to move to this beautiful Washington suburb. Renton Highlands has everything — beautiful estates, thick timberlands, best views of snow-covered mountains, moderate temperatures, and bunches of open-air entertainment opportunities. If you don’t see yourself as the outdoorsy kind, you will likewise be happy to know that the area’s metropolitan regions are highly rated as well.

Education System

Renton Highlands is a decent place to live because it has a well-rounded schooling system. This implies that Renton Highlands is a top destination to live/migrate to with kids (or if you want to have children later).

Renton Highlands state-funded schools get a budget of $12,865 per student. Elsewhere in the U.S., this school budget is $12,383. There are about 20.9 students per instructor in Renton Highlands schools.

Renton Highlands Homes and Friendly Communities

In Renton, you will be able to plug into a community of like-minded people—people who came here to settle down. Unlike other neighborhoods, Renton Highland living guarantees that you can have peace of mind knowing that your neighbors are the friendly type and are looking out for you.

Beach Life

Living in Renton Highlands, Washington, not only guarantees that you will have a plethora of green spaces but also a chance to experience beautiful seashores. Among the best of Renton Highlands’ closest beaches include Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, Heritage Park, and Newcastle Beach Park. Kids will love this.

Retirement Life

Many retirees are enchanted by the great weather in this destination, along with the idea of enjoying a more fulfilling lifestyle and a higher standard of living. Retirees looking for a slower pace of life, milder weather, and a moderate cost of living — while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle — will love it here. Rental Highlands is one of the places you can live engaged and with a high sense of belonging.

Economic Situation

Renton Highlands’ economy is an assorted mix of aviation, technology, agribusiness, and travel. Development flourishes here, regardless of whether in an elite tech firm or a small farm winery.

Recreational Activities

One of the country’s most beautiful suburbs, Renton Highlands offers stunning discoveries for individuals who love outdoor activities and nature-inspired recreation. A short drive to Elliot, Maple Wood, and Cedar Mountains give you access to great venues for music, food, wine, and theater.

View of Mt. Rainer from Cedar Mountain, in Renton WA

View of Mt. Rainer from Cedar Mountain in Renton, WA

Jobs in Renton Highlands

Boeing, Valley Medical Center, Renton School District, Federal Aviation Administration, and Washington State government are the biggest employers in Renton Highlands, offering diverse employment opportunities. From state trooper to engineer, nurse or accountant, there are many places to find work or change jobs in Renton Highlands. The unemployment rate here is 3.1% (U.S. avg. is 3.7%). Ongoing job growth is positive. Renton Highlands jobs have grown by 2.6%.

Career Growth

Workers here have an abundance of opportunities to learn and grow at work, on the web, or in nearby colleges such as the Renton Technical College or the Green River Community College. As your skills and knowledge increase, you will have more opportunities for higher salaries and flexible working schedules.

New Homes Available to be Purchased in Renton Highlands

We know that you need the best Renton Highland home for you and your family. That is why we are focused on building extraordinary homes that offer the ideal equilibrium of everyday comfort and artistic beauty.

We have new Renton Highland homes built for your comfort and joie de vivre. Expect to experience luxury, comfort, and complementarity in every detail of Atera Homes and Renton Highlands.

Our impeccable homes have acquired recognition from satisfied clients, architects, regulatory bodies, and fellow home developers. This has shaped our reputation as the best home builder in Washington. By continuously leveraging cutting-edge construction techniques, our new Renton Highlands homes represent livability, comfort, energy efficiency, and high value. Daily we push the envelope in design and material innovation to build dynamic homes that mirror the unique individuals who live in them just as our city’s stand-out charm.

Let’s make it easy for you. Buying a new home in Renton Highlands can be a complicated process, and frequently, homebuyers have many options regarding new homes or builders. We endeavor to guarantee that every smallest detail fits in place from architecture to interior and exterior design and finishing with each home we build.

Work With Atera Homes

Our new homes in Renton Highlands are skillfully designed and magnificently constructed. However, if you need a new home built specifically for your needs in Renton Highland, Atera Homes is still the company of choice.

Build your very own custom home in Renton WA.

Our team of construction specialists has over 50 years of experience building custom homes for modern living. We have many existing designs that you can choose from. Better yet, you can tell us your ideas, and we will build your dream home from scratch.

Our Home Building Process

  • Finding the best Renton Highlands land for development
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Designing and permitting
  • Financing and construction

Whatever home you want to build in Renton Highlands, we have got your back. We build homes that reflect you—your personality, tastes, and preferences so your life can unfold as you envisioned.

Browse our new homes in Renton Highlands and get in contact with us.

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