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Everyone dreams of owning a home in Mercer Island, WA. If you choose to live here, build a home that you will love for life. At Atera Homes, we materialize all kinds of dream homes. We are the best custom home builders Mercer Island has to offer.

Custom Homes Mercer Island WA

Mercer Island, WA, is truly a dream destination for young professionals, families, and those in retirement. Atera Homes supports you in all your projects on Mercer Island as well as throughout Washington State. As bona fide custom home builders Mercer Island, we guarantee personalized support and a service that meets your expectations.

Entrust us with your luxury waterfront home projects in Mercer Island, and we will ensure that they come true. We assure you quality construction at an unbeatable price, all this accompanied by quality guarantees at all stages of the site’s construction.

Compared to buying homes, building a custom home on Mercer Island, WA, comes with several advantages. Key benefits include:

  • Custom home builders in Mercer Island can design and build a home that suits all or most of your tastes
  • You get to avoid repair and maintenance issues
  • Custom homes offer the opportunity to get exactly what you want
  • You can customize your home by incorporating unique features during the design phase
  • Homes are designed to leverage the orientation of sunlight, trees, foliage, and airflow patterns

About Mercer Island WA

Mercer Island lies in the middle of Lake Washington, connected to Seattle and Bellevue by a bridge. It is ranked among the top 50 neighborhoods in the United States. Among its many parks and open spaces are public beaches and over miles and miles of hiking trails.

There are many amenities on Mercer Island, and it’s conveniently close to two larger metropolises on either side. On Mercer Island, many people commute to Bellevue and Seattle. If you work with the best custom home builders on Mercer Island, you will soon start your life here, enjoying a safe, pleasant, quiet suburb and the benefits of working in the city.

There is less crime on Mercer Island than in most nearby cities. The island’s stellar education may be one reason Mercer Island is a popular destination for families raising children. The Mercer Island School district consists of seven schools located throughout the island.

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Things to Do in Mercer Island, WA

At Luther Burbank Park, one of Mercer Island’s primary attractions, you’ll find sports fields, docks, beaches, theaters. A lot of people visit the park for its beach, festivals, and social events. Pioneer Park has some equestrian facilities, hiking, and running trails.

Mercer Island is surrounded by Lake Washington, making it the only place in King County with a lake. A large number of public beaches and waterfront parks dot the island’s shores, where people can paddleboard, swim, kayak, or fish. The waterfront of Lake Washington is lined with two private swim clubs.

Island festivals are popular with both locals and tourists. Farmer’s market’s open weekly with offerings that include local foods, produce, and handicrafts between May and October. During the weekend leading to July 4, an exciting Summer Festival concludes with insane fireworks.

Mercer Island has long been considered an arts magnet. A proposed center for both visual and performing arts is coming soon to the island. A series of arts events sponsored by Mercer Island Arts Council include Shakespeare in the Park and Mostly Music in the Park.

The wonderful atmosphere of Mercer Island is ideal for raising children, retiring, or simply spending a weekend away. As Mercer Island grows, plans are underway to extend the Seattle light rail to the island. A growing, bustling community, Mercer Island can be reached by bus, car, or ferry. Explore this flourishing island!

bridge across lake washington in seattle to mercer island

We Have the Know-how and Capabilities

At Atera Homes, we are more than just your average custom home builders on Mercer Island. From the word go, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We take the time to support you until your project is successful. We are eager to offer quality work, modern, beautiful, and energy-efficient homes to all who intend to settle on our beautiful island.

Land study and construction of custom homes in Mercer Island, WA

Many people moving to Mercer Island don’t think about it, but long before you decide to build your house, you must, first of all, find a piece of land to buy. Atera Homes takes charge of your project from start to finish. Thus, we will handle the responsibility of looking for a building plot that can best accommodate your future new home. 

We then carry out an in-depth study of this land to determine if it corresponds perfectly to what you expect. After that, and with your agreement, we proceed to construct your home on Mercer Island.

Custom homes in all designs

It takes working with the right builders to see your project to successful completion. Indeed, if the site study has not been done as it should and if the builder does not have all the skills required to carry out such work, your project will not be successful.

With competent custom home builders, whether you want a bungalow, a family house, a traditional house, a contemporary house, or a net-zero house, we can take care of it without difficulty. Entrusting us with your project means trusting competent people who will take to heart building your house so that you can feel good there. In addition, if you do not have a house plan in mind, you can also come and visit our show houses.

Support and Advice

As you will understand, if you want to build a new house on Mercer Island, you can trust us completely. We will respect all your requests to the letter to deliver you the house of your dreams. Atera Homes push the envelope in design and innovation. We provide predictive solutions to common challenges before they arise and maintain the proactive communication you expect.

Your ideas, desires, and lifestyle are all determining elements in the success of your project. Atera Homes will help you draw up a detailed plan of your house, which will truly be yours by its style and fittings. We aim to meet your expectations as much as possible without losing sight of the strict framework of your budget. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your project. We will study it with the greatest attention, and then we will issue you a complete and detailed estimate of our services. This way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises once the work has started.

Quality Service Delivery

Our services are high quality at fairer prices compared to other custom home builders on Mercer Island. 

Contact Atera Homes at (425) 800-0966 for a free consultation.

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Mercer Island Waterfront Custom Home

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SQ Feet: 4,500
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