Contemporary House Plans

Housing styles have changed dramatically over the years. While traditional house plans were typically structured and filled with rooms and furniture, contemporary house plans tend to boast large open spaces, large windows, and clean lines.

At Atera Homes, we design custom Pacific Northwest contemporary home plans helping to make your dream home a reality. 

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3.5
SQ Feet: 3,387
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Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
SQ Feet: 2,513
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Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
SQ Feet: 3,138
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Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.75
SQ Feet: 3,480
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Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
SQ Feet: 4,174
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Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2.75
SQ Feet: 2,608
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What is a Contemporary Style Home Plan?

Contemporary home plans are characterized by open spaces, clean lines, and minimal decor. Many contemporary homes incorporate large windows to bring in plenty of light. Outdoor living is a big part of this style, with the use of glass melding the indoors and outdoors together. 

Designing Your Contemporary House Plan  

The contemporary style is constantly changing. If being on-trend is important to you, you will need to do your research and talk to the design experts at Atera Homes who will help you create a style that fits in. At the same time, creating your dream home is more about making a space that works well for you and your family, and reflects your specific tastes and preferences. Don’t get too caught up in the trends.

Difference Between Modern vs. Contemporary House Plans

While modern and contemporary house plans can easily be confused, they do have some differences. The modern style hails from the late 1800s and early 1900s when Scandinavian influence emphasized functionality and simplicity. We also design modern house plans.

The contemporary style is more recent and borrows from modern and postmodern design styles while being free to add more creativity. color, curved lines, and other “extras” are part of this ever-changing design style.  

What Does a Contemporary House Look Like?

Contemporary Custom Home Floor Plan - Front Exterior view

Contemporary home plans usually feature open spaces, neutral colors, and a mixture of straight and curved lines that give it a touch of elegance. 

Contemporary Home Appearance

While there is the freedom to be creative with this style, sticking mostly to neutral colors (or bold solids used as accents) is common. Eye-catching lines and plenty of light (especially natural light) are a must.

Contemporary Home Features

Large windows and open spaces are a major element in the contemporary style. Open floor plans that lend themselves to large gatherings, elegant but simple furniture, and appealing shapes and lines all play a part.

Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary house plans can be bold and striking while still offering a minimalist appearance. The design uses simple, clean lines, plenty of natural light, and neutral colors.  

Types of Contemporary House Plans

Within the contemporary house style, there are several subtypes.  


Modern Style homes tend to use monochromatic coloring and avoid any unnecessary details. They are simple and functional. 

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is retro: bold accents and colors are acceptable. They often have wide, low spaces with wooden accents and plenty of colors.


The minimalist house style is just as it sounds: minimal. It uses a minimum of high-quality pieces, very few colors (often these homes are all white), and minimal decor. 


Sustainable/green homes are built with materials that have less impact on the earth. Often less-toxic materials are used, as well as alternative options such as solar power. 


This architectural style reflects the beauty of nature and the surroundings. The concepts are open and flowing and attempt to fit into nature.

Contemporary Farmhouse

The contemporary farmhouse adds modern, simple elements to the traditional farmhouse style, creating a look that is elegantly rustic and functionally beautiful. 


Contemporary Custom Home plan 3d drawing

This creative design style uses natural coastal elements such as sand, water, and sky to inspire the interior style. Colors and textures reflect these natural elements and in essence, bring the seaside into the home. 

Northwest Contemporary Home Plans

At Atera Homes, we love to design and build Northwest Contemporary homes! We offer plans for any type of contemporary home that suits your tastes.

What is a Northwest Contemporary Home Plan

This unique design uses interesting roof lines and low overhangs to reflect the climate of the northwest. It aims to bring the outdoors inside while creating a contemporary space with plenty of natural light and openness. 

No matter your personal contemporary home design style, we can create it for you! Our expert designers and builders are here to make your dreams come true.

Get Started Designing Your Contemporary House Plans with Atera Homes. 

We keep everything in-house at Atera Homes. This way, our various departments can all work closely together to keep the clients’ wishes as our top priority. 

We also design other types of home plans and can customize them to suite your needs.

These include Northwest modern home plans, luxury custom home plans, and pacific northwest home plans.

Atera Homes help you through the entire process, from finding land, designing, building and finishing. We aim to make the process as stress-free as possible. 

Our design team has years of expertise in the luxury home industry. 

We can design your custom home and build your contemporary house plan in the greater Seattle area. We have vast experience in the northwest home styles and understand the needs of our customers and the area.

Since we offer both design and build services we are unmatched in our ability to customize your home design to your hearts desire.

Are you ready to make your contemporary house plans a reality? To get started, contact us to set up a meeting where we will get to know you and your style prefrences. We strive to truly understand our client’s needs, home design preferences, and style choices while offering our own experience and expertise. We love to make our client’s dreams come true! Get in touch today.

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