Custom home interior design is very exciting. There are endless possibilities and many avenues for imagination. When creating a unique design for your dream home, it is helpful to find a build team that is able to take your ideas and translate them into a beautiful reality. At Atera Homes, we keep everything in-house – from dreaming with the client to brainstorming design ideas, to building your dream home. This way, we develop a close relationship with the client and are able to create the exact custom home design you want!

Custom Built Home Interior Design

Custom interior home designs are different from spec home designs in that the client has unlimited options. Who designs the inside of a house will depend on the client’s wishes. Work with our design team to create exactly what you want.

If you prefer to hire an interior designer, you have that option as well! Interior design services can be a great investment if you wish to have a professional use of spatial planning and bring to life your interior design ideas.

Interior Design Ideas for Custom Homes

Custom home interiors are extra-special. The personality of the homeowner is brought out and displayed in everything from the floor plan to the decor. Interior design for custom homes is typically suited to the long-term needs of the homeowner. For example, the design and layout of a custom home for a family with children will be different than that of a retired couple. When creating your custom home interior design, here are some design elements to consider.

Custom Home Interior Design


Using space creatively is a challenge that can take your home to the next level. There is positive space (decor, furniture, walls, etc) and negative space (the empty parts of the home that create, well, space). Besides playing with positive and negative space in your custom home design, you can also use ceiling heights, the distance between objects, and other factors that contribute to the overall look and feel of the specific home.


There are two types of texture: visual texture (how a surface appears to feel when you look at it) and actual texture (how a surface feels when you touch it). Use texture creatively and in accordance with the overall design of your home. 


Most of us immediately think of color when talking about interior design! Color is one of the most obvious and important aspects of design. When planning color schemes for your custom home, think about how you want your home overall to feelCreating the feel the way you want (whether peaceful and relaxing, exciting and motivating or luxurious and royal) depends largely on the colors chosen.


Lines are another way to convey specific feelings. There are three main types of lines in design:

  • Horizontal  lines
  • Vertical lines
  • Dynamic lines

Use lines creatively to create the feel you want!


Shapes can be used anywhere in custom home interior design. It adds interest and style.


Use patterns on any surface in your home to add visual appeal and convey mood.


Interior designers and architects love playing with light! Both natural and artificial light can be used within a home to help create a specific mood and sense of space. Whatever your goal is, use light creatively to help create the space you dream of!

Does Interior Design Increase Home Value?

The interior design increases the value of your home. Hiring a professional interior designer can be helpful. They have the skills to create something that will appeal to many, if not most, potential homeowners.

Do You Need an Interior Designer When Building a Home?

Whether you need to hire an interior designer really depends on your goals! If you know exactly what you want and how to implement it, then you may not need to hire someone to design for you.

However, it is always a good idea to get a professional set of eyes on your project. You will likely be happier with your results if you enlist the work of an interior designer. Even if you have a clear wish list, they have the skills to turn it into reality. When doing your interior its also a good idea to keep in mind how you are going to do the exterior and if there are specific things you want to be tied from indoor to outdoor. 

How Much Does it Cost to Custom Design a House?

The price of custom designing a house depends on several factors. 

  • What is the size of the house I want?
  • How many unique features will I add?
  • Will I hire an interior designer?
  • What types of materials, furniture, and decor do I like?
  • Do I have simple or complex tastes?

Keep these questions in mind when considering the overall cost of designing and building a custom home. When you are ready to build your dream home in the Seattle or Eastside area, Atera Homes is here to make your dreams come true! With expertise in custom home design and construction, we specialize in creating amazing and luxurious homes. What does your dream home interior design look like?