Custom smart homes are a relatively new thing that is changing the way people live. From smart bulbs to smart refrigerators, there are many technologies that make a smart home, well, smartThe beauty of a custom smart home is that you can make it as “smart” as you like. If you only want a few smart features, then that’s all you need to have. If you are the kind of person who likes your floors vacuumed by robots and your lights turned on via phone timer, then you are free to go all-out!

What Defines a Smart Home?

Smart homes don’t have a specific definition. As we mentioned, they can be whatever you want them to be! Smart home features range from basic home automation to full smart home systems that let you remotely control what is happening in your home. 

How about coming home to a clean house with the lights on and the heater running? And knowing that it all turned on for you just before arriving? This reduces energy consumption while making your house comfortable! A smart home is simply a house designed with some type of smart home technology, whether it be advanced or simply the lights turned on from your family’s smartphones.

What do Custom Smart Homes Include?

Custom smart homes take normal custom home construction up a notch. While any home builder can create a smart home, a customized smart home is made specifically for you. This has many advantages! As someone looking to build a new home, you can talk to the builder and be a part of the design process including interior design as much as you like. 

You are able to integrate customized smart home systems that are important to you while making sure the extras don’t get into the building process. This means that a custom smart home, for you, will include anything you please! From security systems to integrations that render the house more energy efficient, the choice is up to you.

Custom Smart Home Must Haves

Having said that, there are some custom home features that can really enhance your home. You might consider these the “must haves” of custom smart homes.

Custom Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Automation System for Heating and Cooling 

Are you new to custom smart homes? Consider starting with heating and cooling automation. There is a range of options available for any type of home built. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mansion or a modular home. 

Being able to automate and control your home’s temperatures and humidity levels, from anywhere at any time, is a game changer! You can choose from smart vents and ceiling fans to thermostats and humidifiers. 

Custom Smart Home Systems for Cleaning 

Probably one of the most popular smart integrations for homes is the robotic vacuum. But why stop there? With self-cleaning tile now on the market, you may never have to worry about cleaning your floors again!

Best Custom Smart Home Security System

Security systems are a big thing in the smart home world. If you’re looking for the best one, look for options with video doorbells, door locks, mold and moisture sensors, indoor cameras, smoke detectors, and garage door openers.

Best Smart Home Custom Integration

Finding the best smart home integrations for your custom home will require a bit of homework on your part. What is important to you, and why? Do you have a budget, or are you ready to pull out all the stops? Knowing your answers will set you up for even better success while working with Atera Homes, your trusted custom smart home builder!

Custom Smart Home Installations by Atera Homes

We design and build custom smart homes for clients in the Seattle area. With great attention to detail and a mission to see our clients truly happy, our custom home building of smart homes is the next step for you! Our custom smart home timeframes depend on several factors. These might include the house size, what customizations (smart or otherwise) you prefer, and which details are important to you.

At Atera Homes, we keep the entire process in-house. From dreaming and designing to building and finishing, we do it all! This makes us trusted, easy to work with, and experts in creating your dream custom smart home. We can’t wait to get your custom smart home started! We want to know – which smart home technologies are you most excited about?