Finding the right neighborhood for your family is no small feat. With many factors to consider, this is one decision you won’t make lightly. To help, Atera Homes created a list of some of the best neighborhoods in Renton WA. With so many options, there is sure to be a perfect neighborhood to live in that fits all your needs.

Why Renton, Washington?

Before learning more about this town, you may be wondering why you would choose to live in Renton, Washington in the first place. This pristine Washington suburb offers stunning estates, breathtaking forests, and snow-capped mountains. There are endless open-air entertainment opportunities such as hiking and kayaking. With violent crime rates lower than the national average, families can have peace of mind living here. Typical Renton weather offers moderate temperatures that only add to its draw. In fact, Renton, Washington was a finalist in Reader’s Digest’s search to find America’s Nicest Places in 2021! What’s more- Renton also has a robust history that only contributes to the city’s intrigue. 

History of Renton, Washington

Renton was first home to the indigenous Duwamish tribe. This tribe is now known as the first people in the Seattle area. Nestled between the Black River and Cedar River, Renton cultivated fruitful land. Renton became the ideal location for coal miners, loggers, and other blue-collar workers. Due to this industry boom, Renton was incorporated in 1901. The Renton History Museum in downtown Renton highlights the town’s heritage. It also pays homage to the individuals who made Renton the city it is today.  

Currently, Renton’s population is around the 105,179 mark. This once-small miner town has developed into a robust community and is still attracting new residents by the day. With endless neighborhoods to choose from, there is sure to be a perfect option for everyone. 

Best Place to Live in Renton, Washington

Downtown Renton

If your family likes to be in the center of it all, Downtown Renton is the place for you. Just 5 miles from the center of downtown, you will find the Seattle Seahawks headquarters. The Federal Reserve Bank of Seattle is also located nearby. Countless clothing boutiques and antique shops also add to the downtown’s charm. After working up an appetite, there are an endless variety of restaurants to choose from. Some popular options include: 

  • Whistle Stop Ale House
  • The Melrose Grill
  • Red House

Renton High School is also located in the center of downtown. Downtown Renton has become one of Renton’s most desirable locations. With an affordable cost of living and lots of new construction, what’s not to like? Downtown Renton has everything you need to start a new life here which makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Renton WA. 

Renton Highlands 

This Seattle suburb has seen new homes constantly being built over the past few years. And for good reason! Renton Highlands is one of the most versatile neighborhoods found in Renton, Washington. This neighborhood is perfect for the family who wants both a metropolitan and rustic feel in their neighborhood. These Highlands offers a reputable school district with excellent funding. The Highlands boasts stunning beachfront and moderate weather. This neighborhood offers a laid-back, friendly neighborhood feel. For this reason, Renton Highlands attracts both younger families and retirees alike. The Renton Highlands are so beautiful and have so much to offer which is why they are in the best neighborhoods in Renton WA. 


With a population of 36,000, this Renton suburb is highly desirable. Due to its central location and proximity to Lake Washington, there is no other neighborhood like it! Located in King County, Kennydale offers a variety of recreational activities and has easy access to two nearby middle schools. Kennydale Lions Park is one of the neighborhood’s favorite community parks. Other popular attractions include Kennydale Beach Park or The Landing. The Landing has a large collection of food options that will entice even the pickiest of eaters. It also offers a large variety of shopping options and even a movie theater! With stunning views of the Cascade Range, you will want to be sure to pick a home that can capture all of the stunning views. In this neighborhood, you want a house that is comfortable and still highlights the natural beauty of the area. The Kennydale area is one of the best neighborhoods in Renton WA. 

Things to do in Renton, Washington

There are countless activities for you and your family in Renton Washington. One of the best parks in Renton is the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. This park is unique as it offers both water and land activities. For water lovers who want additional entertainment, the Renton Aquatic Center also called the Henry Moses Aquatic Center would be a clear win! For the game fanatics, there is an authentic Arcade Bar in Downtown Renton to explore. For avid golfers, the Maplewood Golf Course would be worth checking out.  As for those who like to shop till they drop, the shops located around the downtown area would be the perfect fit. Whatever your interest, there are sure to be plenty of Renton attractions for everyone to enjoy while living in Renton. 

Park in Renton WA

All this is great, but what about prices? Can you afford to move to Renton, Washington?

Average Home Price in Renton, Washington

As of December 2022, the median house price in Renton, WA is $678,833, which is up 9% as of last year according to Rocket Homes 

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